Modern society in the 21st century demands of itself that it act sustainably and thus leave an intact social, ecological, and economic system to future generations. Our society cannot and should not consume its own future or the future of its children.

Sensible, socially integrated action is therefore increasingly becoming a focus of consumers, businesses, investors, and public institutions. The keyword is often sustainability. The goal is to take more responsibility for society, the environment, and culture, in combination with steady growth. Sustainability is becoming an integral component of the business model and must increasingly be reflected in companies and their products.

Climate protection and sustainability – LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein

The LIFE climate Foundation Liechtenstein was founded at the beginning of 2009, and is a common-benefit foundation under Liechtenstein law that is entered in the Public Register. This means it is overseen by the Liechtenstein Foundation Supervisory Authority (Stiftungsaufsicht – “STIFA”) and is a non-profit-making organisation.

The aims of the LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein are to promote and raise awareness of the topics of climate protection and sustainability in general. It focuses primarily on initiating and promoting specific sustainability projects with lighthouse character. The LIFE Climate Foundation consequently sees itself on the one hand as a centre of competence in the field of sustainability and on the other hand as a driving force for sustainable action. Its activities are intended to make an active contribution to preserving our environment for our descendants, in accordance with the motto “for a better life”.

The foundation’s supporters include the Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein, the Liechtenstein Bankers Association, the Liechtenstein Institute of Professional Trustees and Fiduciaries, the Liechtenstein Investment Fund Association, the Liechtenstein Insurance Association and the University of Liechtenstein. Through the involvement of business, science and politics, the LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein, as a private-public partnership, brings together key players in the field of sustainability. All work is provided by the supporting institutions in the form of corporate volunteering.

ESG analysis of Liechtenstein equity funds

There has been an increasing focus on the impact of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria on the risk and earnings profile of a company and consequently on the investment portfolio of an investor. An ESG report on equity funds in Liechtenstein was produced for the first time this year. The publication aims to make a contribution to improving information about the availability and quality of Liechtenstein equity funds in terms of ESG criteria.

At the international level, financial market operators, political decision-makers and academics agree that institutional investors are set to remain the driving force behind further growth in the sustainable investment market. In addition to the argument of “taking responsibility for people and the environment”, it is primarily economic factors that predominate today. For example, inclusion of ESG factors allows investors to uncover, avoid or consciously take risks that were previously impossible to assess. The view that sustainability goes hand in hand with a reduction in returns is now an outdated argument. Over 2,000 studies confirm the overwhelmingly positive correlation between sustainability indicators and financial asset performance. The need for greater social responsibility and more transparency, along with the further development of contemporary asset risk management, is clearly apparent.

The report “Sustainability in Liechtenstein” is published by the Liechtenstein Investment Fund Association (LAFV), the Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBV) and the Association of Liechtenstein Common-Benefit Foundations (VLGS) as well as other private supporters.

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